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Hot off the press, news and fun facts about Manna Creations.

USA Badminton Rebranding

USA Badminton (USAB) unveiled a new logo Thursday at its headquarters in Anaheim, California. Working with Manna Creations over the course of six months, the new design infuses the historic look of USAB, along with a contemporary feel that shows the upcoming progress and success of the organization.

“We wanted the logo to be analogous to the Olympic Movement, but also to create a new look that could energize the badminton community,” said USAB CEO Jeff Dyrek.

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McDivitt Frog

I was approached by the marketing team at McDivitt Law Firm for the creation of a character to help in the linguistic difficulties people have with the pronunciation of McDivitt.......McRibbit!

See the McDivitt frog's story here: 

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