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Yes, I am the cliché native Coloradoan. I love to hike, camp, hunt, fish, ride and be above the timber in the cold thin air (my Zen place). So why am I still here after 40 + years? Easy: Colorado is an amazingly beautiful place to live. There is so much to do and experience. Everyday inspiration!

I’ve been a designer and artist most of my life. Going to college to be an animator and stumbling into the design world to support my family is how I started my career back in 2002. I love everything about art; the culture, history, different mediums and experimenting. Let’s be honest-if you aren’t trying something new and facing challenges, what’s the point? I believe this applies in everyday life: never be afraid to try something new especially if it scares you.

My rewards in this job come from the smiles and referrals I get from the amazing people I’m blessed to work with. Yes, this may sound a little corny, but I enjoy the people I help. I love seeing the passion in an entrepreneur’s eyes as they explain what their company does and the ideas to brand and market it.

Do I love God/Jesus? Without a doubt, YES! He blesses me with my talent so I can bless others. That’s it plain and simple.

My No. 1 goal is to give you outstanding customer service and creative solutions that will blow you mind, and set you apart.


MANNA CREATIONS was established by Charlie Jahner in 2006 as a Web & Graphic Design firm, we had one goal in mind. Offer the best customer service and creative solutions for small business owners in the Colorado Springs area. As our clientele expanded and our niche for small business grew to include Olympic NGBs (National Governing Bodies), we realized a need to redefine how to better serve our clients. In 2010 we began to move away from custom web site design and development to focus solely on design and illustration.

Not to say we don’t offer web solutions, we do. We now work with amazing developers to build you fully custom, one-of-a-kind CMS sites (Content Management Site – you can do the updates) and other web properties. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a web need, we are here to help.

Manna Creations hasn’t changed its goal to offer the best customer service and creative solutions in the industry. We are just focusing on design and illustration under the Charlie Jahner name to give you the best of the best.


Just a few of the organizations I serve.

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